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Experiences and Opportunities in indoor Climbing and the Outdoors.



We create and support fun, empowering and sustainable experiences.

From first steps into climbing, building and consolidating knowledge, right through to advanced skills development.

Climb with us and our team and our community partners.


Confidence Through Climbing

Our ‘Confidence Through Climbing‘ sessions are great for those who are looking for an introduction to bouldering or wishing to build their confidence in a climbing environment.

These sessions are a continuation from the ‘Intro To Bouldering’ sessions we have been hosting at the Mini Climbing Works. More locations around Sheffield to be added in 2022


Rock Tots

Rock Tots is an empowering, supportive and fun climbing programme designed for children between the 1-6y and their families/carers. Their classes run from different climbing centre around the UK, although they are also working with charities such as Climbing Life Kenya to help promote the benefits of our sport, to more communities around the world. They realise that barriers to climbing can come in very different forms depending on the individual child and their circumstances. They encourage families to get in contact, so they can work together in addressing any barriers.

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Asian Climbing Crew ACC

A new local social climbing group for Asian climbers in London. We climb and eat food. New climbers very welcome.

Asian Climbing Crew. A social climbing group for Asian climbers in London. We climb and eat food. New climbers very welcome! Please find more information on their Instagram.

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Creating representation
Social events for Muslim women
Promoting more diversity in climbing walls

ClimbMuz creates a space for Muslim women who have never set foot in a climbing wall to try this wonderful sports. The aim is to highlight the diversity amongst Muslim women and create more representation in climbing walls. Minority groups are also welcome to attend.

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A community of Clmbxrs with different levels of experience, empowering each other through the sport. With regular climbing meet ups across London, the Clmbxr crew are surly one of the most fun and supportive climbing communities around. Check out their YouTube to see for you self. And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


Climb with other fantastic organisations and communities.

Paraclimbing London

A London based climbing community for anyone with any  disability or long term health condition. They welcome all levels of climbers, especially those who have not tried the sport before.

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Climbing for All Sheffield

Climbing for All Sheffield was set up to help children, young people and adults with a wide range of disabilities enjoy climbing, and be visible and included in the climbing community in Sheffield.

Blackdog Outdoors

A signatory of the Mental Health Charter BlackDog are actively encouraging people to take up outdoor activities. Part of the amazing work they are doing is organising both indoors and outdoors climbing events.


Womens Climbing Symposium

With their incredibly climbing events they aim to positively impact people’s climbing with activities that connect, develop and inspire.

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Women Bouldering Festival

The Women’s Bouldering Festival in Fontainebleau is a non-profit event is an inclusive platform bridging Climbing’s growing mentorship gap.



We also have leadership roles within these industries.

We are creating and supporting opportunities to gain training, qualifications, mentorship, and employment within Climbing and the Outdoors.

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